How it works

We have mapped out the developer account setup and app submissions process for 10s of different app stores. Once you register your account the process is as follows:


1. Complete your Publisher Profile. This information we use to setup your developer accounts at the different stores. 

2. Fill in the submission form which includes all of your app's details and apk file (similar to what you would do when submitting to Google Play).

3. Use our image resizer to quickly create all of the images required by the different app stores. (See a demo of the resizer in action here)

4. Review all of your information and you're done! Log into your account and keep track of the status of your submissions from your dashboard.


When you're ready with an update of your apk, simply choose Submit New Version right from your dashboard and we'll ensure it's updated across all of the stores in your plan. 


For a brief demo of the process view our demo video here.