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Please see the corresponding section below for more information about the process. If you have any further questions, just email us on support - at -, or use the Feedback link on the left.


The Publisher Profile

The Publisher Profile is essentially the information that is used to establish accounts with the app stores. Not all of the information is used by all of the stores, but we collect what is necessary in order to register you with all of them.

While most developers will only have one single publisher profile, if you are distributing apps on behalf of someone else, this is where you can set up different profiles.


Submitting an app

Step 1: Select a plan
We ask you to select a plan as the first step in the submission process. The reason we do this is because the number of stores will vary by the plan, and given that we want to minimize the amount of information we collect from you, this has to be the first step in the process. However:

  • You can always change the plans later
  • You are not asked to pay anything until you complete the submission


Step 2: Developer accounts
If you have existing accounts with app stores, this is where you enter the information to access them. If you do not have an account, we will set one up for you.  If there are stores you do not want us to submit to, simply select "Don't start submitting for now".

You will also see a drop down box in order to choose which publisher profile to use. Please select the correct one (most will only have one publisher profile).

Once your submission is complete, you will be able to see the login details for the accounts we have created under 'App Store Accounts' at the top. Please be aware that if you change the password on an app store, and do not update this section, further submissions/updates for this store will not work.


Step 3: App name and business model
This is where you enter the name of your app, and the business model for it (paid, free, advertising, in-app billing, etc).

Note that if you select the publisher profile here, it will prefill the needed information in the next section with information from your publisher profile.

If you use AppDF, this is the place to upload your file.


Step 4: App details
This is where you fill in the details of your app. Please see the tooltips by hovering your mouse over the question marks for any detail info.