SMART Submission Form™

Fill in 1 SMART Submission Form™ to support hundreds of stores. Multi-language support. Manage all your updates & edits from a single CodeNgo account.

With our SMART Submission Form™ you can now manage hundreds of stores from a single developer account. Edit, update all your app details and manage all your APKs from 1 place. No more logging into multiple accounts to submit and update your apps. No more figuring out the peculiarities of every store’s submission form. You’ve got better things to do with your time!

You Own Store Relationship

SMART Submission Form™

Automated Language Translations

Translate your app description right from the submission form! Save time and leverage the power of over 1300 real live translators to increase your app downloads.

The easiest way to get high quality language translations integrated right into your app submission. No more copy & pasting into your app store accounts or relying on buggy computer translations. Save time and leverage the power of over 1300 real live translators brought to you by CodeNgo and Tethras!

Easy Image Resizing.

Re-size your images to support all app stores in a flash! No more worrying about different file types, dimensions or file sizes. We handle all of those details for you. Time is money so why waste your time re-sizing images?

Every store’s image requirements are different. Varying dimensions, file types and file sizes make submitting images and icons for multiple stores a nightmare. With CodeNgo’s image re-sizing tool you can quickly create all of the images necessary to support tens or hundreds of different stores in just a few clicks. Your hi-res Google Play images are all you need!

Momentarily Empty

Momentarily Empty

Track Your App Reviews

Keep track of what bloggers and reviewer say about your app. Also, investigate what they’re saying about your competition right from your dashboard.

We monitor the web for reviews of your apps. Simply login and see the latest reviews of your app right from your CodeNgo dashboard. No more having to search around to find out what bloggers and journalists are saying about your app. Respond to users right away to protect your app’s ratings. Also, tell us who your competitors are and you can see their reviews too!

Unlimited Updates

Got a new version of your app? Save time and effort and submit your update from your CodeNgo account. It’s already included in your subscription!

Power Pricing Calculator

Set the price for your app in multiple markets relative to what the market supports rather than straight currency conversions.

We Don't Share In Your Revenue

CodeNgo doesn't take a share of your revenue and never will. We believe in supporting independent developers the best way we can.

Access Millions of Users

There are billions of download that AREN’T taking place on Google Play. Why wouldn’t you want to get your piece of those downloads?

You Own the App Store Relationship

You own the relationships and the developer accounts. They pay you directly. Got a question for a store? Contact them directly through your account.

Worldwide Apps Distribution

CodeNgo Apps Distribution puts your app in over 20+ of the most popular apps stores around the world like Amazon, Opera, Samsung Apps, SlideMe & more.